Monday, April 2, 2012

Fashion on 4th Street - April 2nd

For the woman on the right (above), Maya really likes the striped shirt and necklace together.  The red sunglasses top off the outfit giving it a little polish.  Jocelyn likes the way the scarf looks against the jacket and the striped shirt. 
Cate likes the denim jacket worn by the woman on the left.  She thinks the necklace looks really good with the lavender dress.

Emilie loves the boots in this outfit because it adds a Southern vibe, especially with the denim.  The scarf gives it a boho effect and the sunglasses have a vintage feel.

Lucy likes Rhea's bag and the color combination of the purple and blue.  Her hair is interestingly twisted and looks great with her outfit. 

Emma likes the coordinating purse and scarf because they match.  She also like the bright orange blouse. 

The above are some Street fashions spotted by our Exploring Fashion Camp students, today on 4th Street in Berkeley.  We spotted some consistent trends.  The infinity scarf is still out in full force and the Hot colors seem to be bright orange and lavender.

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