Friday, July 24, 2015

Art Deco Preservation Ball and The HIGH STYLE exhibit at The SF Legion of Honor

In May, Mark and I were able to attend the Art Deco Preservation Ball at the Scottish Rite Center in downtown Oakland.  It was a magical evening, and the experience rivaled that of making my gown for the event, which took a little over a month. I absolutely love designing and making historical dresses for art deco events. 

And, I LOVE to go to fashion exhibits SO the High Style exhibit at the San Francisco Legion of Honor was quite the treat.  Of course the two dresses pictured above were my favorite and a total inspiration for next year's event.

Here are some photos of my dress in progress:

I started by draping the gold brocade on the dress form front.

I hand smocked the side panels on silk charmuse, as I wanted to have some soft drape in the skirt but a fitted bodice. Smocking was a great way to reduce the fullness on a large part of the fabric.  It's also an older technique and seemed an appropriate accent for a 1920's style dress.

I wanted the lace edge to be curved from front to back, so I cut out the scallop design on both borders and shaped the full width of the lace so that it was curved on both sides to the center of the panel.  You can see the finished effect in the photo below.

Front View

side view

Back View

 I also decided to make a corset to wear under my dress.  I really wanted the silhouette to be authentic.  It was fun to make, however, I needed to add a stretch panel in the back as the original design was a little (ahem) small.

Here are some more photos from the event:

Friday, April 11, 2014

Guest Fashion Blogger - Cate H. - Easy, Comfy and Fashionable

Bethany Mota (left) & Cate's recreation (Right)
Easy, Comfy and fashionable. Bethany Mota, a very popular beauty guru pulls off comfy and cute outfits, and you can to. For the first look, all you need is a pair of jeans or leggings, a cropped tee, a flannel and some sneaks. This look is very easy and uses many fashions, like skinny jeans, crop tops, converse. 

Summer is coming up right around the corner and that is why the second look is perfect! You’ll need, a pair of colored shorts, and a striped shirt. Now you’ve created a summer look, that's fun and easy. 

Bethany Mota
Cate's recreation

Post by Cate H. - Age 11