Friday, April 13, 2012

Exploring Fashion - Photo Shoots and Modeling

Thursday we visited the studio of Emery Street, a clothing manufacturer in Emeryville.  Emery Street  produces knit dresses for other fashion companies like Boston Proper, Lesley Evers and Celebrating Grace. 
Susan, Emery Street's head designer and owner invited us to come and observe a photo shoot in her studio.  She was having many of her knit dresses photographed for her website

Our Laurie Ann was on hand to help coach the models.  Modeling takes effort and thought. We found out that learning to use your body to make the clothes look good is not as easy as it appears on TV.  And also that photo shoots take time.  It's not all glitz, glam and glamor.  Still, it's fun to be involved!

After we returned to home base, we decided to do a short and much simpler photo shoot of our own.  The girls modeled the clothing they wore to camp and practiced smiling, sitting, standing and using different body positions.  Here are our final shots, edited and chosen by each student.






  1. I Love the fashion shots- great job girls!
    Thanks for coming to Emery Street to visit our photo shoot and studio

  2. that must of been a great experience to undertake a photoshoot!


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