Friday, April 6, 2012

Exploring Fashion - Jean Paul Gaultier at the De Young

Yesterday we traveled to San Francisco for an exciting adventure at the De Young Museum.  The museum is housing an absolutely amazing exhibit of Jean Paul Gaultier's work over 3 decades.  Here is what our blogger's have to say about it in their own words:

Emma - My favorite part of the exhibit was the tights that had special designs knitted in.  I especially like the tights with the Eiffel Tower on the back side.

Emilie - My favorite part of the exhibit was by far the dramatic use of the pyramid shapes and the feathers . The image below is my favorite piece of the whole show. The way the light makes the hips and the breast pop with the sliver body leotard and the blue and salmon feathers really caught my attention. I was just utterly mesmerized by the way he used such geometric shapes but made everything look so elegant yet so raw/edgy.

Lucy - My favorite part of the exhibit was the revolving catwalk. The diversity of the outfits was unexplainable. The way that they moved so slow was smart so that audience could see every detail of the designs.

Cate - I completely loved the runway !!!!! I adored the way all the clothing was thought out of the box.  My favorite were the ones that included Paris themes !!!!

Jocelyn -I love the way that he made all of the designs different. I also love the way that there are so many shapes that are some what similar but when he adds the designs it becomes a completely different outfit.
Jennifer - The manequins were fantastic.  Photography could not do justice to the projected faces not to mention the voice given to each one.  Some of the girls were a little weary of them at first, but I think the humor of JPG and what his visage was saying in the early part of the show helped to make it all the more exciting and incredible. 
I was so inspired by Gaultier's use of the French Sailor theme as well as all his work with Corsets and can't wait to start creating.

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