Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Exploring Fashion - Candace Kling Ribbon Artist

 Candy Anyone?  
Recently, our fashion camp had the opportunity to visit the studio of Candace Kling.  Candace is a ribbon artist and as we've come to find out, one of the leading ribbon experts in California, if not the US.  Studying the ribbon arts from history as well as creating her own modern wonders, Candace brings ribbon to life.  Check out her works of art below and above.

drawer full of vintage and antique Ribbon
Antique Ribbon Creations
Ribbon Flowers created by Candy

Ribbon Work on Millinery

Sculptural Ribbon Hats from the 1980's
Fancy Ribbon work on this sculptural hat!

Cate and Jocelyn viewing the work

Folded Paper Dress made from a book

Fancy Pleating

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