Monday, April 9, 2012

Exploring Fashion - Emery Street Visit

 Here is our group at Emery Street - the studio of Susan Weeks.  Susan designs and manufactures knit dresses for Chico's, Boston Proper, Lesley Evers and Celebrating Grace.  In our visit she explained her process, showed us some of her designs and gave us a fabulous tour of her studio. 

Susan along with her daughter Claire and Claire's friend created several hand made note books for each of the girls to take home along with Susan's favorite mechanical pencil.   Susan also teaches Fashion Illustration at UC Davis, so we were in for a treat when she showed the girls a few of her techniques.

Emma and Jocelyn sketching in their notebooks!

Emily and Lucy talking fashion in the workroom.

We would like to extend a big Thank you to Susan for this unique experience.  You can find out more about what Susan Does at

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