Monday, January 7, 2013

The Chanel Jacket - The Little Details

 This year, my pet project is the Chanel Jacket.  You see, I want one for myself.  The Little Black Jacket, akin to the Little Black Dress, is a classic staple in a well dressed wardrobe.  At just over $4,000, the real thing is out of my range.   My couture teacher Susan Khalje, teaches a course on how to make one.  Her class is about $1,000.  Fabric invested is about $200+.   Not sure I can afford to take her class this year,  so I plan to try my hand at doing it on my own, using past Thread's Magazine Articles and the Claire Shaeffer book, Couture Sewing.  The beauty is all in the little details.
Note the quilted lining and chain on the bottom edge.
Here is another photo of the chain.

 There are lots of details to consider like fabric, trims, lining, buttons etc.  I picked a nice black tweed from the Mill End Store in Portland, Oregon, while I was visiting a friend.  Solid black with a large basket weave.  The lining, a black crepe back satin from C&J Textiles in NYC.  I also purchased buttons from M&J trims in NYC but will likely alter them by inserting them into a fabric covered washer, just to change the look.  Still searching for fancy braid.  A trip to Britex in San Francisco ought to solve that problem.

Nice contrasting braid on this model
I really love the Georgette trim and large braid on the sleeve hem. It's really an stunning effect.

Not a little black jacket but the details are very nice on this one.  Love all the contrasting trim and gold buttons.
Sometimes the classic double C buttons can be found on Ebay.

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