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1920's Fashion

This is an essay by sewing student, Maya Young,  written for her English Class.  I hope you will be as thoroughly impressed as I am.

1920's Fashion
by guest blogger - Maya Young (age 12)

The 1920's began with the revolutionary creation of a few fashion designers' influential ideas.  This was the era where women abandoned all restrictions.  the concept of no corsets, low waisted dresses, and earning equality with men, ushered the dawn of a decade in which fashion created the modern woman.

Frances Heger Beniades
The fashion of the "Roaring Twenties" started in the City of Paris.  This time period was know as the golden age to many french designers.  Women longed for a more active role in society in the 1920's, and the arena of fashion was no exception.  It was a time period known for great change and creativity.  While a radical change came after the First World War, and transformed the fashion industry, the famous fashion trends of the 1920's did not truly emerge until 1926 (fashion-era).

Women's fashion was inspired by men's clothing of the time.  The style of this glorious time period, liberated from corsets, gave way to a new boyish look.  Women were freed for mobility and action, and began to gain equality with men by cutting their hair short (Everyday Fashions).

One of the most prominent designers of the 1920's was Coco Chanel.  Her signature style was the supple use of Jersey and simple ensembles consisting of a jacket, blouse and skirt (Everyday Fashions).  The masculine look was popular, and soon women would wear trousers, with credit to Coco Chanel ("1920's Flapper").  Other Designers such as Jean Patou and Jeanne Lanvin were also popular with the athletic look ("1920's Flapper).

Maya Wearing a dress she made from a 1920's pattern found on Etsy

The evolution of art and jazz in this period also motivated the fashion of the time more and more.  Art deco became a substantial part of this change, and was heavily influenced by surrealism, abstraction, and geometric forms.

The hats in the 1920's were the most memorable accessories of the time.  The cloche at, as it's most commonly known, was usually made of felt to conform to the head, and was worn low on the forehead.  it was also sometimes made of beads or lace (Cloche Hat).
Maya in a hat she made from etsy seller DL Designs

Unfortunately this era did not last.  The flapper lifestyle did not survive following the Great Depression ("1920's Flapper").  The depression and changing times were forging new fashions (Everyday Fashions).  But this iconic time period in fashion lived on, and the idea of modern imperative for freedom and movement continues throughout fashion history.

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