Saturday, March 24, 2012

Make Do Fashion Show

 Here are some photos from the Make Do Fashion Show at Rhythmix Cultural Works on March 9th 2012.  The above dress was made by moi while I was teaching the Fashion Studio One Class at CCA in the Fall of 2010.  We do a recycled project each fall where students make a garment out of two men's shirts.  This was the teacher's version.  Below are more recycled garments from my students at CCA, Kid's Sewing Camps and some of my own work as well.
 Joy wearing a piece by CCA Student Sindia Lin.

 Starr wearing one of my dresses.
 Emma wearing a shirt she made from two of her t-shirts - One she never wore and one that was falling apart.
 Andi wearing a dress made from from her bedroom curtains and a men's shirt she found in my bag of scraps.
 Rashia wearing a dress made by CCA student Jasmine Stewart.
 Emma wearing a child's apron made by me for my Etsy Shop.
 Dress made by STLM Designs.
 Katie wearing a dress by Remy
 Rebekah wearing a remade Paillette dress by Julie Baron
 Reproduction of the Givenchy Breakfast at Tiffany's Dress worn by Mia - Made by Maya Young (12 years old) out of two formals bought at the GoodWill and Salvation Army for under $25. 
Emilie wearing a remodeled vintage wedding gown by me :-) 

Hope you enjoyed the Fashion Show Photos!

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