Friday, September 30, 2011

Suspect Walks into Jail Office

Interesting things come in vintage pattern envelopes....

Headline:  "Suspect Walks Into Jail Office"
Copy reads: "A dapper young fellow, wearing blue corduroy trousers and a dark sweater, walked into the sheriff's office Monday and addressed Chief Deputy Sheriff George Beckstead thus:
"I am Jack Bunce, 22. My address doesn't matter. You want me for a burglary."
And it's just as well that he did, for deputy sheriffs were preparing to jail him within a few hours as a suspect in the burglary of the Texas Oil company service station at Thirty-third South and State streets last Tuesday.
Mr. Beckstead said Bunce admitted taking eight tires from the service station and selling...."


Goes to show, you never know what you get with vintage stuff.  This was so much fun to receive after a frenzied Etsy and Ebay splurge where I purchased four vintage 1930's patterns for my daughter and myself.  This pattern is a homemade additional collar pattern for the young girl's dress.  Here are a few more images of the pattern and the dress I'm now working on. 

Dress in progress

Pattern envelope and instructions

Newspaper collar pattern

Work in progress.....
More on the dress itself later.

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