Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Parent and Child Sewing Workshop

Working together!
Gratia and Dad Ethan
Proud Grandpa

 Admittedly, when asked to create a Mother / Daughter sewing class, I cringed just a little bit.  Often I hear from parents that it's hard to teach their kids something new.

Well, I kept getting requests.  Honestly, I thought the parents just want an excuse to have some fun.  Keeping my mind open, I put the word out and was surprised at the response.

Ok, so what happened next was even more surprising.  I had one mom say that she wasn't interested, but her husband might be.  That blew me away.  In today's day and age, I don't get too many male students.  It was very exciting.  This was going to be interesting and I would have to change the name.

 A darling family joined us our first week.  It was Father and son with daughter and grand daughter. How sweet to see the men taking such interest in their girls.  Even better was the story from Alden and Gratia's grandfather.  He told me that he bought a machine for his wife, the girl's grandmother, when she got pregnant and then taught himself to sew.  He went on to make her first maternity dress, then taught his son to sew.  What a family legacy and how special of them to share this skill with future generations.

In reality, the kids and parents learn and work together.   What fun we can all have.  I can't wait for the next one....
Patchwork mittens for Gratia

ironing is fun!
don't forget to giggle!  Andrea and Sabina

Andrea and Pari

Sabina and her stuffed guinea pig!

Gratia with her mittens and pillow case

Andrea and Pari with their cat pillow ready to stuff with fluff!

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