Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Alameda Wine Tour

Recently my friend Desiree Salas, a fellow designer, mentioned to me that she thought we should organize an Alameda wine tour. "What a fantastic idea!" I thought to myself with a Mimosa in one and and a (flat head) screwdriver in the other.   You see, she had come over to help me build my daughter's bedroom furniture.  We got to talking and one thing let to another....so last weekend Desiree and I set out to taste wines and spirits at 3 of Alameda's best Wineries.

First Stop - Rosenblum Cellars - We met up with Desiree's friend Lilian and enjoyed the sunshine out on their lovely patio.  Rosenblum is right on the estuary next to the Ferry Terminal.  The weather was breezy but nice so we sat and talked quite a while before going in to taste.

Here we are - Ready to go (from left to right - Lilian, Myself & Desiree)!
Our flight started out with a white and we moved on to several Zinfindels.  I've never been a fan of the Zin variety, but I tried it and was pleasantly surprised. 
After about an hour of tasting, we moved outside to have some snacks - Cheese, crackers, nuts, fruit and Soda - Perfect.

We bid Adieu to Lilian (She's from Switzerland originally) and walked to our next winery, deep in the navy base - Rock Wall Winery.  It was about a 20 minute walk from one place to the next and the wind started picking up.
We got inside and were ready for our next flight.  It was hard to choose.  Flights cost between $5-$15 which seemed very reasonable.  We both ended up picking the $5 flight which had more whites.  Now we needed chocolate and they accommodated us supremely.  The truffles were out of this world.
10 minutes late for our next pouring, we had to skate out of Rock Wall without finishing our flight.

Racing through the heavy downpour (how did that happen?) we made it to St. George spirits just in time to meet Maria Janeff, owner of Calliope.  All wet and ready to drink, we joined my neighbor and excellent spirit adviser- Emily Winston, who poured our flights for us.  I have to say, St. George was my favorite - Hanger One Vodka and Absinthe as well as Pear and Raspberry liqueurs.

My Favorite being the Budda's Hand infused vodka.  What a special treat.  I'm ready for more!
Such fun to hang out with friends.  Come join us next time and let us know your favorite Alameda or Bay Area Winery!

Budda's Hand!

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