Friday, June 3, 2011

Alameda Style: Your Home is Your Sanctuary

This is the first installment of my Interview with Style series.  Taken from an article I wrote for Alameda Patch:
 Interior Designer - Kelley Flynn

In 2010, Kelley won the Best of Oakland reader's choice award for Professional Who Can Make Your Home Look Like A Million Dollars, and she works wonders with personal space. She's  not only concerned with each person's style and how your house will look, but also with how it will feel. Kelley really addresses the spiritual nature of our domestic existence.


What Do You Do? I specialize in residential interior decorating, design and color consulting.
How long have you been doing this work? I’ve had my business for five years, but I've been in the architecture and design world my whole career. I grew up with design. My father was an industrial designer.
In five words or less, describe your style. Modern, elegant and simple with a calming effect.
Do you have a style philosophy? I personally like a mix of old and new. Old things immediately give a room patina and history and a story. But I am always informed by my modernist sensibility.
People need a respite when they go home. They need that sanctuary, that space that refuels them or calms them down. Whatever it is for them. We live such hectic lives that we are not aware sometimes and we don’t take the time to do simple little things.
It’s like the analogy of cooking or the slow food movement. We have to ask, “What’s really important in our lives?” Interior design provides that backdrop for what’s really important: To be able to slow down, to notice that beautiful flower sitting there or that beautiful painting or special object or whatever it is that gives you pleasure. If you can create an environment of pleasure, then your senses are slowed down a little bit.
What do you think Alamedans need to know? They can mix sophisticated elements with vintage in a stylish and family-friendly way.

What possession to you cherish most? My Waterman fountain pen with a gold tip and my Japanese scissors.
What is your favorite style secret? Knocking around the antique and consignment stores here in town.
What do you like best about Alameda? The community, the small-town feel, the people.

Do you have a cherished item you won't give up if you redecorate?

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