Monday, April 18, 2011

Vintage Re-Done Wedding Gown

Here is the before photo of this late 1960's silk organza and lace wedding gown.
Here the sleeves have been removed and I'm starting to develop the neckline.
The sleeves in this photo are still attached and I'm beginning to remove the lace from around the neck to see what it looks like underneath.
The sleeves have been removed and neckline lace is off, revealing a nicely shaped neckline and much wider without the lace. A little more attractive I think.
The lace on the dress is actually quite nice. The cheap lace around the neck is being removed. to reveal quite a pretty dress.
I'm beginning to remove the lace.
In developing the neckline, I'm deciding it would look good with straps instead.
Now I need to cut the neckline and re-shape the lace on the bodice.
Lace is cut and pinned in place.
I need to peel back the lace at one point to decide where the neckline should be.
Here is the side view of the gown as I'm shaping the neckline and changing the style.

Above you will find the beginning of a gown remodel. The dress above has about 6-8 hours of work in it already including the tub soak it took after I received it from the Ebay Seller. I still have some more work to do before it's finished, but luckily it's just bodice work and a lot of hand sewing. This dress has a terrific detachable train.

More photos to come as it evolves.


  1. I can't wait too see the finished look!!

  2. Love the step by step photos! Beautiful work!


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