Sunday, January 23, 2011

Getting Gorgeous for Alameda Patch

Recently, I started writing a style column with my friend Debbie Chapman for our local on-line newspaper - Alameda Patch. We create our own assignments and go forth to expose the style of and on our island. It's a little silly and a lot of fun. Our February theme is "Getting Gorgeous”. It comes just in time for Valentine's Day. We had the pleasure of visiting Spank - a salon here in town, ripe with talented stylists, aestheticians and make-up artists.

I had the idea that we should do a piece on lips. All the magazines profess that if you do nothing else, throw on some lipstick before you leave the house. This is a bit of a stretch for some of my friends who are moms that wear very little or no make-up at all. I asked Spank make-up artist Deidre Alexander for some tips and maybe a little instruction. Little did I know I would get a full makeover. Wow, it was fantastic and the pretty lips were only the icing on the cake. Deidre started with a tinted moisturizer by being True. She applied the tint with a makeup brush, which was a new experience for me. It worked great and provided a super smooth finish. Next, for the concealer under my eyes. This added a couple of hours of sleep that I missed the night before - who new? Then she dusted my face with a being True triple milled mineral makeup. Blush on my cheeks and then on to...Lips! "What, lips next" you ask? Yes, it was a shock for me too. Usually I move onto eyes, brows and then finish with lips. Well, apparently the philosophy is that you do your lips first, in case you have to run out the door. You will look more finished and balanced with good lips than you would with eyes done up and no lips.... go figure - she has a point. First, Deidre applied a lip treatment balm to add moisture. Then she penciled the outer edge of my lips starting with an "x" at the center of my top lip to define the shape. Next, she filled in my lips with the pencil. This gives your lips color after the outer layer of color or gloss wears off. Out came a lip brush and my lips were coated with crème in a gorgeously neutral shade of rose called Protagonist and then a light layer of gloss in the color, Intuitive. I love cosmetic names!

Next for my eyes! And Wow did that change my look entirely. She brushed a soft, light color, Shell, over my entire lid, then defined the crease with a color called Rosewood, accenting the crease with a neutral brown - Lotus. Deidre finished the shadow with a shimmery pink on the inside corner of my lid. The look was very soft and reflective.

With the finest of liner brushes, my eyes lids were
dabbed with a very smooth and narrow line of Lapis (navy blue) liner, and then finished off with mascara.
Brows were last, starting with a waxy base color and
finishing with a colored powder.

This is my finished look!

Needless to say, I'm very impressed. I've had my make-up done before but not like this. I looked great but not overdone. I'm going to practice my lips because that really did make a difference. Thanks so much Deidre!

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