Friday, September 24, 2010

Sewing at the Library

In August I had the opportunity to visit the Noe Valley Branch of the San Francisco Public Library. My dear friend Jean Sweeney is the librarian in the children's room. She had me come out and teach a short sewing program to young children.

It was super fun!

We worked with felt embroidery floss and jewels to create little pouches. It's a great quick project that packs a punch. I had 4 students and 1 helper Student (Aka - Emma my daughter!) aged between 4 and 9.

Each child picked their favorite color felt, folded over, like an envelope and stitched the sides up using embroidery floss.

Afterwards the boys and girls got to decorate with glitter, jewels and sequins.

My daughter feels pretty lucky because she not only got to make one, but got to keep the example that I made too.

Check out all the lovely designs the children came up with.

All the while we were joined by our favorite American Girl, Kaya. Kaya loves to join in on the fun!

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