Monday, February 4, 2013

Another Sneak Peak at More Bonjour Teaspoon Doll Clothes

Maria Vest Front

Getting ready for more doll fun!  Almost ready for the Real photo shoot.  Waiting for a wig from my favorite Etsy Seller,  Blythism.  Her wigs are a little out there, but I picked a blond one I think will look pretty natural.

This process of re-sizing my kid and adult patterns to doll size has been easy and totally exciting.  Putting it into the right format to sell online is quite daunting, however and I'm a little stuck at the moment.  Rest assured, I will get it figured out, but it's taking a while.  Just now, I'm faced with learning the Adobe program Indesign so I can make a multi page .pdf file.  I might be able to do this in microsoft word, but not sure if it will work for translating the large patterns to digital files. Uggh....
In any regards, I do love to dress them up and can't wait to actually start selling Doll Clothes and Patterns for Doll clothes. Yay!

 You know you want an Emma Tote!

 The Phoebe Hat:

 The Relaxation Kit for Dolls:
Ah! Ready for some relaxation time?

the kids are finally out of the house! Now I can Rest....

Perfect after a long Yoga Class!

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